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Ashoka founded Global Nonviolent Conscious Lab in June 2020.

Our purpose is creating a global, safe and heart- based NVC Community that is co-created on the basis of systems and supports authentic expression using NVC practice. We nurture personal development by cultivating a culture of mutual support and inspiration as well as acceptance and compassion.


Responding to our world’s needs

Our world is an increasingly challenging place to live in that presents many conflicts. We respond to these challenges by building a global NVC community, teaching the consciousness and skills for peaceful living and communicating with both authenticity and care.

Due to causes and conditions created by decisions made by humans, our world is experiencing conflicts in many areas crucial to life. It is apparent that humans can continue down the self-destructive path OR learn to use our innate capacities for connection, love and expressing a language that supports the natural law of interdependence.

Currently, Global NVC Lab gathers twice a month for two hours each time. In these gatherings, teachers from around the world address and respond to challenging situations brought by the participants. Certified NVC trainers encourage participants to share their wisdom and support each other. Some trainers bring a topic, a method, a process and share it with the group.

These online events are free for participants. We invite participants to donate to the trainers if they are able and joyful to do so.



I celebrate Ashok's creation of a warm, responsive global learning community with his revolutionary Global NVC Lab!

- Sarah Peyton

Ashok has created regular community gatherings of people from all across the globe, to step towards practices and frameworks that aim to create the world we long for.  The space is accessible, warmly held and inspiring. 

- Kristin Masters

I’m deeply grateful for your service work at the Global NVC Lab. I appreciate the opportunity you are creating for the global NVC community to come together to learn and practice Nonviolent Communication with support. Your work and leadership help plant the seeds and grow the roots for a more compassionate and nonviolent world we all dream about. With gratitude. 

- Aya Caspi

I loved the loving kindness of your Global NVC Lab initiative, the spirit of giving from the heart and the creative ways you engage people from all over the world to support the NVC consciousness and loving actions. May you continue to give to the world so much and receive no less. 

- Hagit Lifshitz

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