About Ashok Nalamalapu
About Ashok Nalamalapu

Ashoka was born and raised in a small town in South India and came to the U.S. in 1987. From humble beginnings, he has worked diligently to build a successful life and give back to his communities. Ashoka has always worked hard to go after what he wants: even at the young age of five, he chose a new name because he did not like the one his parents had given him. He named himself after the great Indian Emperor Ashoka, whose name means “no sorrow.”

Ashoka’s personal mission is to serve and inspire others, which he achieves as a speaker, writer, kirtan leader, entrepreneur, community leader, host, and facilitator of spiritual events. Yoga, meditation, Non Violent Communication (NVC), and kirtan (devotional chanting) are Ashoka’s main passions. He is dedicated to sharing these transformational practices with others and is most at peace when he is engaged in meditation, practicing yoga or offering kirtan.

Raised in the Hindu faith, spirituality and devotion have been central to the tapestry of Ashoka’s life since childhood. He identifies as a Universalist, embracing all faiths as valid paths to realizing the Truth.

Ashoka believes his spiritual practices and optimism have helped him overcome many challenges to becoming the person he is today. In 2000, he lost his voice completely for a year. Specialists told him he would never speak again. When Ashoka heard this, he fainted at the thought of never being able to speak with his two young daughters again. With the help of yoga and surgeries, he slowly regained his voice and is grateful for being able to now speak and sing with ease.

Traveling is Ashoka’s hobby; he enjoys seeing a new country almost every year. The South Island of New Zealand and Santorini, Greece are two of his favorite places on the globe, so far. He loves being in nature and enjoys hiking and walking on the beach.

Ashoka is a devoted and loving father to his two young-adult daughters. 

Ashoka has been studying Nonviolent Communication for the past ten years. He founded Global NVC Lab in 2020, a group comprised of people from around the world that has biweekly gatherings facilitated by global teachers. The purpose of this group is to be “a global, safe, and heart-based NVC community co-created on the basis of explicit systems with space for authentic expression and practice. Mutual support and inspiration, as well as acceptance and compassion, nurture our personal development that extends beyond us into the world – in a virtual home.”

Ashoka is offering global online kirtan, guiding meditation, and sharing spiritual messages of his master Sri Ramakrishna. He is the founder of Sadhana, a spiritual center that offers free online Yoga, Pranayama and spiritual teachings from teachers around the world.


Ashoka writes, "I came to the US to learn how to speak English, to be financially secure, and to improve my personality (my mother never went to even an elementary school and my father went through eighth grade and was working all the time to support our relatives as well). It is inspiring to see these surprising comments from college classmates:"

Ashok, what a transformation! 

- Suryanarayana 

Dear Ashok, I know you as a simple, neat, ever smiling, handsome and friendly person. But now I see - sea change in you.

- Srinivasa Rao

Ashok, I find that some of our classmates have simply undergone unimaginable levels of transformation…. kudos to you for distinguishing yourself, from being swept away in the mainstream.

- Venu G

Great job Ashok! Very proud of you my friend.

- Ram V

We are proud of you Ashok!

- Varma

There are many friends including myself who are proud of what you have accomplished.

- Sekar

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