About Ashoka Nalamalapu

Ashoka is a man of many talents and interests, including kirtan, meditation, yoga, writing, emceeing, and public speaking. 

His vision is to contribute to the spiritual progress of humanity by continuing the work of his master Swami Vivekenanda: service to people.

The focus of Ashoka’s daily life centers around his journeys:

  • Serving and inspiring others through leading, writing, presenting, and singing 
  • Loving his family, God, and God's creation with devotion
  • Realizing the Self through Yoga
  • Gaining knowledge and wisdom by continuously learning
  • Admiring nature and different cultures by traveling the world
  • Cherishing every day and being healthy, truthful and grateful

Ashoka’s motto: Live, love, laugh, learn, lead, and leave a legacy.

Thank you for visiting this site and connecting with Ashoka. If you would like him to speak, facilitate, or sing at your event, please contact him here.

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Upcoming Events

Enchanting Kirtan with Ashoka and Paurnamasi Devi Dasi

Sadhana ME

Sun Feb 21, 2021

Online, 5:30 - 7:30 pm GMT-6 / 6:30 - 8 pm EST View More

Virtual Kirtan with Ashoka USA for Followers of SKM YOGA

Sadhana ME

Sun Apr 11, 2021

Online, 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm IST / 7.00 am EST

Virtual Bhajan Kirtan with Ashoka USA for Divine Yoga Thailand

Sadhana ME

Sun Jul 11, 2021

Online, Thailand time: 7:00PM to 8:00PM US EST: 6:00 am to 7:00 am


Namaste Ashok, Wonderful to hear from you and get to listen to the music you're creating. One can feel the presence of your beauty and love in this.

- Stephan Rechtschaffen

It sounds great! It reminds me a lot of the bhajan recordings I've heard from Amma's swamis. Really beautiful. People will love it.

- Devadas Labrecque

Your tracks from India! What a great idea that was to record backing tracks with great Indian musicians. Beautiful production in full Indian style! Your voice sounds sweet and pure (like your heart!). Sweet chants and sweeter feelings.

- Jai Uttal, Grammy Nominee

I felt carried away on the music, like floating on the ocean.

- Suzanne Lutz