Welcome to Ashok Nalamalapu

Ashok Nalamalapu is a man of many talents and interests, including meditation, yoga, kirtan, writing and speaking. His vision is to contribute his best for the spiritual progress of humanity by continuing the work of his master Swami Vivekenanda.

The focus of Ashok’s daily life centers around his mission:

  •   Serving and inspiring others by leading, writing, presenting and singing effectively
  •    Loving his family, God and its creation with Devotion
  •    Realizing the Self by practicing Yoga
  •    Gaining Knowledge and wisdom by learning continuously
  •    Admiring nature and cultures by traveling the world
  •    Cherishing every day by being healthy, truthful, blissful and grateful


The motto Ashok lives by is...


Live - Love - Laugh - Learn - Lead - Leave a Legacy

May you be inspired as you enjoy learning more about Ashok’s life and work on this site! To invite him to speak, facilitate or sing at your event, contact him here.

In 2010, Ashok founded a nonprofit organization called Sadhana, which means spiritual practice. Sadhana hosts meditation workshops, kirtan, and other inter-faith spiritual events, welcoming people of all ages, ethnicities, faiths, cultures and economic backgrounds. Learn more about Sadhana and find local spiritual events on the Sadhana calendar.

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"Wow. Beautiful production in full Indian style! Sweet chants and sweeter feelings." - Jai Uttal

"Your kirtan in this CD is nice" - Krishna Das

"Namaste Ashok, Wonderful to hear from you and get to listen to the music you're creating. One can feel the presence of your beauty and love in this." - Stephan Rechtschaffen, Founder, Omega Institute

"It sounds great! It reminds me a lot of the bhajan recordings I've heard from Amma's swamis. Really beautiful. People will love it." - Devadas Labrecque

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