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  • Krishna Lila at Bhakti Fest in 2013

Ashok has earned laudable recognition across the globe as a “Spiritual Leader”. People love to listen to his voice as it provides them the divine experience. He has served as Master of Ceremonies at the Boston Yoga and Chant Festival, the Omega Institute’s Ecstatic Chant of New York, the Bhakti Fest of California, the Denver Chant Fest and LoveLight Festivals of Maryland.

We are welcoming you to “Bhakti Fest”. Ashok will be serving there as EMCEE. There, he will be performing and will be taking you towards spirituality. The programme will be scheduled at Earthwe Stage and Workshop Hall 2. The programme includes workshop and classes for yoga, bhakti enchantment, and kirtan. The spiritual lessons will be delivered on several topics. You will love to meet spiritual teachers along with hardliners like Jai Uttal, Matisyahu, Salif Keïta, Krishna Das, Deva Premal and Miten, MC YOGI, Donna De Lory, CC White, Karnamrita Dasi, Gina Sala, Shantala, etc. More than 2500 people are expected to attend this event. You will definitely be going to enjoy the spirituality under the leadership of Ashok.

For more info on Bhaktifest, please visit http://bhaktifest.com



Ashok is passionate about inspiring audiences large and small. He has cultivated his speaking skills through participation in Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie courses. Over the years he has spoken in a variety of settings, including schools, churches, youth events, technology conferences and community events.



When invited to be a featured speaker at the 2003 Dale Carnegie International Convention in Washington, DC, Ashok shared his life story and received a standing ovation from the 1000 public speakers in attendance from 72 countries.

Ashok is often called upon to speak and/or sing at interfaith events in the Portland area, and was chosen to give the commencement speech to the 2013 class of Interfaith Ministers at the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME). You can listen to the complete speech in the video below.


Ashok’s commencement address to the 2013 graduates of the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME).


“Ashok has presented at two major events I have been involved with, a class for the University of Southern Maine and a benediction talk for the interfaith Chaplaincy Institute of Maine’s annual Ordination and Graduation celebration. It was a privilege to work with him. I found he was well-prepared, knowledgeable and inspirational. He brought exciting content and relevant ideas to his audiences, and did so with a unique ability to connect so that people were involved and engaged. “

~ Rev. Jacob Watson, D.Min., Founding Abbot, Chaplaincy Institute of Maine

“The presentation by Ashok Nalamalapu as part of UNE's Diversity Lecture Series calendar exploring Religious Pluralism was a wonderful introduction to the basic principles of Hinduism and Diwali Festival of Lights! Ashok offered information in an easy to understand and engaging way that allowed for plenty of interaction and student questions. The introduction to devotional chanting that he facilitated was really interesting as well, and offered students an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and experience first-hand something that many had never been exposed to before. Feedback from student participants was very positive. Thank you so much for coming to UNE and sharing with our campus community!”

~ Donna Gaspar Jarvis, Director of UNE Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity

Bhakti Fest

Asho serving as Master of Ceremonies at Bhakti Fest. It was the largest chanting festival attended by more than 2500 people around the world and all stars. The festival continued for Four days and nights of chanting, yoga, spiritual workshops and bliss in Joshua Tree, California from Sept 4th, 2014. More Info: bhaktifest.com

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Ashok enjoys inspiring others by serving as an emcee for yoga and kirtan festivals across the country. These festivals feature well known artists such as Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Donna DeLory, CC White, Sean Johnson and many more. Ashok weaves informative stories and uplifting messages into his introductions of the singers.




Ashok serving as Master of Ceremonies at Bhakti Fest in 2014. bhaktifest.com



Ashok introduces Jai Uttal at the 2014 Denver Chant Fest. www.denverchantfest.com


" Every event is better when you are there. Love your spirit."

~ Mark Gorman, Bass Player

" Ashok, from one MC to another MC, your introduction was the best I ever had."

~ MC Yogi

"You are doing a phenomenal job as an MC."

~ Dakini Ma Jaeger, Founder, Denver Chant Fest

"Your love for the service and community came through each of your words. Excellent work."

~ Kevin Kraft, Denver Chant Fest guest

"It was very sweet, the energy you held. What you shared about MC Yogi was funny, kind and educational. It was the perfect introduction to such a beautiful practice. Jai Ma!"

~ Ananda Glick, Denver Chant Fest guest

"Wonderful work as MC."

~ Stephan Rechtschaffen, Co-founder, Omega Institute

"Your introduction of me was beautiful." - Jai Uttal

“You are a big help to Bhakti Fest.” – Sridhar, Founder of Bhakti Fest

"Ashok, you are the perfect MC. Your delivery was top notch! I hope to see you next year. "

~ Sound Crew Leader

"Thank you Ashok Nalamalapu, Ashok Sadhana we, the festival of nations family are honored and humbled the beautiful and great way you emceed the festival this year! You presence and your group participation brought rays of peace and calmness to the occasion. Several people mentioned this to me during the event! You did a fantastic job! Outstanding! Blessings "

- Shalom Odakara, Founder, The Greater Portland Festival of Nations.

You do it with grace and love. -- Jan Born ( The Greater Portland Festival of Nations )


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