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The word meditation refers both to an ancient practice becoming very popular in the west in recent decades, as well as the state of conscious awareness that is sought through the practice. Spiritual seekers and teachers from many different world religions have engaged in various types of meditation for centuries, and modern research is revealing the psychological and physiological benefits to practitioners, regardless of spiritual or religious affiliation.

Meditation helps us settle the frenetic energy of the thinking mind, and can also help us find calm even when our thoughts are swirling. As Ashok’s teacher Lama Willa Miller says, “The goal of meditation helps one to maintain inner peace in spite of the turbulent thoughts. It changes our relationship with thoughts.” Meditation is turning mind onto itself. It is self-observation with awareness.

The benefits of meditation are numerous. As a result of changing one’s relationship with thoughts, many notice feeling more relaxed and emotionally calm. Respiration and blood pressure usually drop, and one is more able to live in and appreciate the present moment. Ashok has personally experienced lower stress levels, greater self-awareness, improved concentration and creativity, and a decreased tendency to react rashly.

Ashok received meditation training at the Vipassana Meditation Center in Chicago and from many spiritual leaders, including Dr. Lama Willa Miller and Dr. Liz Monson of Harvard Divinity School, Lama Samten, Lama John Markansky, Venerable Kenmo Drolma and Swami Tyagananda. He also trained with Diane Musho Hamilton, Krishna Iyer from Tej Gyan Foundation of India, and Terry Fralich. Ashok completed the two-year Margha program with Dr. Lama Willa Miller. The Margha program trains students thoroughly and deeply in a variety of meditative practices.

With a passion for sharing the gift of meditation with others, Ashok first taught meditation in 2011. He has since given talks and facilitated workshops on a variety of meditation topics and techniques, such as calm-abiding, benefactor practice, anapana, vipassana, the practice of compassion, and resting in a natural state. He has talked about and/or led meditation at primary schools, universities, churches, a prison, and national festivals and conferences. He also introduced a short meditation session with his employees at iCST, which has improved the weekly staff meetings.

In 2010, Ashok founded Sadhana, a meditation center in southern Maine. Sadhana quickly became a beloved place for many to learn about meditation and practice together in community. Ashok has also published articles on meditation in the Portland Press Herald and Inner Tapestry Journal.

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“I think you helped me hit a growth spurt because I'm feeling a new sense of calm. I explained it to FB like this: "Class was a meditation, that’s not new--the experience as meditation, like hiking in the woods is meditation for me. It produces clarity and creates balance. But today, I felt weightless. The body I reside in felt like it was just part of the scenery. There was a disconnect between body and essence of self and acceptance of all, and union with all, a new dimension of oneness." So, thanks again.” ~ student, University of Southern Maine

“That was so kind of you to take time from your day to chant and meditate with the River kids. It was magical watching them all be so into it. And they all felt so "calm," as they said!” ~ Meg Harpool, Elementary school teacher

"Always a pleasure to have you lead us through meditation and Om's.  What a nice addition to Saturday mornings!"- Danielle Morin, Owner, Greener Postures Yoga

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