I loved your music. So glad everyone enjoyed it. Thank you for your time, support and care. Your voice is very special as are you as a person that I can see. 

- Virginia Burger, South Africa

I felt carried away on the music, like floating on the ocean.

- Suzanne Lutz

Your tracks from India! What a great idea that was to record backing tracks with great Indian musicians. Beautiful production in full Indian style! Your voice sounds sweet and pure (like your heart!). Sweet chants and sweeter feelings.

- Jai Uttal, Grammy Nominee

It sounds great! It reminds me a lot of the bhajan recordings I've heard from Amma's swamis. Really beautiful. People will love it.

- Devadas Labrecque

Namaste Ashok, Wonderful to hear from you and get to listen to the music you're creating. One can feel the presence of your beauty and love in this.

- Stephan Rechtschaffen
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